Saturday, 28 August 2010

Long time... and time for changes.. :)

It's been over a month since my last post, I've just realized.A month full of things, events, strong emotions and many other things.
I'm leaving.I'm leaving the UK for a while and moving back to Italy.I don't know what is going to happen once I'm there, but I really needed to do this moving.So..I'll leave,while my partner will stay here, so PetiteChacal will double.It will add Rome to London and New York, let's see it this way.I'm trying to understand how I feel about this.Mixed feelings, I guess..I'm thrilled, curious, excited..and sad and heartbroken, and worried. I reckon it all sums up to the natural process that goes along with great changes.I tried to write down pros and cons,I came up with the silliest things, and somehow found a little relief.Let's see the bright side:I'm going to have fantastic food and great wine (;)); I'll leave in the sun! I'll have at hand Italian silver and lampwork beads!!Great supplies!!!! I'll see the sea often!I'll finally walk again my lttle dog, I miss her so much! I'll be somewhere else, and changes are always good (well, changes of this kind,at least), they bring excitement,inspiration,different perspectives.
I'll see my very self in a different perspective, for the simple fact that I'm going back to where I supposedly belong after six years, and I know that I've changed , but just can't measure these changes living the same life as ever.
Being back will help me understand what I've become, as I'll be facing something that in my mind, and in my life, have stayed the same.
So...this was the big news.Concerning PetiteChacal, things won't change much, at least for the moment.Only the shipping may vary (only location-wise,I reckon). I actually think that it'll be good for the business too, to have some different input.Anyone has had a similar situation?What were/are your feelings about it?
I leave you reaching for your handkerchief, and I leave you with some pictures of one of my latest work..
Love you all!
xx PetiteChacal

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