Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ring Tutorial

I've just come across this tuto to make a silver ring out of a coin.Thought you may like it..enjoy it!!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Little preview..pearls again..


Just wanted to show you a quick preview of one of my last works..
I'll tell you the story very soon, it's amazing..
Night you all,
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Selfish T-shirts !!




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New T-shirts online!!!! I've finally released this new design, the "Selfish"T-shirt..not many people got the wordgame straight away, but I've still received many compliments and sold two Tees..I love them!
This time I wanted something more feminine for my girls,so I chose a nice,casual sleeveless top from Continental clothing; I threw in few spaghetti tops from American Apparel and few boys and girls' classic T-shirts always from American Apparel.Oh, and teo long vests/tops, from Continental, in extra fine jersey..I love these two dearly!I can picture them on a pair of jeans or leggings,with a chunky belt and a nice long necklace..aaawww!! :)
Also the colours are different this time:hot pink and the uber-trendy aubergine!
I'm still struggling to find the right place to sell them.For now you can find them on Folksy, together with my lovely bags ( and on my website
Guys,will you give me some feedback?Do you like them?If not,why?
Have a lovely eve,

Friday, 9 July 2010

Preview..cute handbags from PetiteChacal!!


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Petitechacal's handbags!!!!!These lovely bags are hand-sewn by a French designer, M.lle Delphine Ragonnaud, who has previously worked for important French maisons the likes of Dior etc.She's so young and very talented, and she kindly accepted to realise some models for me, given that I can't sew (yet!!;)).
So, these are the products of our collaboration..together with the cubes necklace (see my Etsy Shop), and some bracelets that I haven't posted yet. She's working at her own website at the moment, it will be up and running soon! In the meantime you can see her here: And, of course, we'll give her some space for a lovely feature once she's set up everything.
So..the bags are not finished yet, I must add the chains and a few details, but..hey, this is a Preview!! :)
The fabric comes from a very famous stores in central London, Peter Jones..hope you like them, but wait to see the final versions!!
Wish you all a beautiful eve and we, enjoy this glorious sunshine (and don't drink too much Pimms... !)
xx Petitechacal

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Pandora bracelets




..Today's bracelets..simple, fast, easy..absolutely wearable..and cute! Two Pandora-style bracelet in shades of pink/mauve and blue/aqua..refreshing!!
You see the thing.. I love to make things with my hands..I mean, really make them.Working with silver paste, with polymer clay, or wrapping wires and studying the design..these bracelets are just strung beads.Yes, you get to choose the colours, matches, get to choose the style, in one word. But I always thought (and I still think it, somehow) that they don't give you back a great deal of satisfaction...unless you make the beads, of course, which I did, but ..I'm kind of changing my mind lately. I like this simple style, and also the possibilities are not that little.Maybe I'm just tired and I make myself happy with smaller things, but..I appreciate this style a bit more.

Maybe I'm just starting to understand that I can't do everything.. ;)
What kind of craft/technique makes you feeling satisfied the most?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Second bracelet/necklace for my friend




Here is the second bracelet/necklace for my friend Romi.She asked me this one for her little brother's girlfriend, saying that she's a "tough girl"who doesn't wear much jewellery (she's only a teenager, about 15 yo);she wanted something that could tempt her but at the same time that was easy and young.
I thought that she may like something sort of romantic (hey,she's discovering her femininity,let's give her a hand!!;))but not cheesy..and this is what I came up with.I love it to bits!!!!
All sterling charms and fittings, and a simple,yet playful double leather cord..I may make one for me too!
Have a great day,
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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Today's necklace

Here's today necklace..wooden squared beads in two colours and sizes and indian silver plated spacers.
I love the way it turned out! I love long necklace, much more than short ones, and this can be worn in three different ways:
long, double strand and as a bracelet..what else can you ask for, when you've got 3 pieces in one?
And these days I really am into wood, silver (well..this is not new!),hemp,leather..everything that gives you a natural feeling..I love, about this necklace, the fact that it is a humble, unpretentious piece, yet it is very pretty, to me.
Understatement.. or bold statements.That's me, the humble and the fierce, no middle tones..:)
Hope you like it, have a wonderful weekend!!
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