Friday, 9 July 2010

Preview..cute handbags from PetiteChacal!!


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Petitechacal's handbags!!!!!These lovely bags are hand-sewn by a French designer, M.lle Delphine Ragonnaud, who has previously worked for important French maisons the likes of Dior etc.She's so young and very talented, and she kindly accepted to realise some models for me, given that I can't sew (yet!!;)).
So, these are the products of our collaboration..together with the cubes necklace (see my Etsy Shop), and some bracelets that I haven't posted yet. She's working at her own website at the moment, it will be up and running soon! In the meantime you can see her here: And, of course, we'll give her some space for a lovely feature once she's set up everything.
So..the bags are not finished yet, I must add the chains and a few details, but..hey, this is a Preview!! :)
The fabric comes from a very famous stores in central London, Peter Jones..hope you like them, but wait to see the final versions!!
Wish you all a beautiful eve and we, enjoy this glorious sunshine (and don't drink too much Pimms... !)
xx Petitechacal

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