Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Selfish T-shirts !!




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New T-shirts online!!!! I've finally released this new design, the "Selfish"T-shirt..not many people got the wordgame straight away, but I've still received many compliments and sold two Tees..I love them!
This time I wanted something more feminine for my girls,so I chose a nice,casual sleeveless top from Continental clothing; I threw in few spaghetti tops from American Apparel and few boys and girls' classic T-shirts always from American Apparel.Oh, and teo long vests/tops, from Continental, in extra fine jersey..I love these two dearly!I can picture them on a pair of jeans or leggings,with a chunky belt and a nice long necklace..aaawww!! :)
Also the colours are different this time:hot pink and the uber-trendy aubergine!
I'm still struggling to find the right place to sell them.For now you can find them on Folksy, together with my lovely bags ( and on my website
Guys,will you give me some feedback?Do you like them?If not,why?
Have a lovely eve,

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