Monday, 26 April 2010

Update : T-Shirts are finally online!!!

Yeay!!! The Logo T-shirts from PetiteChacal are finally online and up for grab!!
I've just opened this new online store, still have to finish all the set-up and of course I must list more items, but I've decided to only list a handful of creations for the time a couple of T-shirts for each colour and size available (only listed 2, so far..!!But I opened only yesterday!!) and maybe a few pieces of jewellery..mmhh..still deciding.
These are the T-Shirts from our previous stock, with our Logo..two new designs are now finished, just awaited to be printed, so..stay tunes for more news to come soon!!
I can anticipate that..mmhh..shall I..?Well, ok ,the only thing I'm going to tell you for now is that the new T-shirts will be very young and they'll come out in very small runs, about maybe 10 for each designs..
For now check out Logo Tees out:


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

News from PetiteChacal- Back to our roots

Hi everybody, I've got a few good news, and I'm so thrilled as things start to shape up! I've decided that I'll let you know little by little, and today I'm starting with... T-SHIRTS!
Probably not many of you know that this has been our starting point; we have been designing and printing a stock of T-shirt with "The Face", which is just PetiteChacal Logo. We had a stock professionally handprinted and we hand-printed quite a few T-shirts by ourselves too.Gosh if it was fun! But then we realised that doing that in a small London flat wasn't really ideal, in terms of space, time and health and safety regulations.So we went back to our printer.Results: people liked our T-shirts!We sold a few through a shop in Soho and the rest of the stock was gone by word of mouth, friends of friends of friends..a couple of people stopped us on the street too!They were intrigued by the design, as not always you get that it's a face straight away.So they asked us, they took our details and we gave them the T-shirts that are now happily somewhere in USA.
So.. This came before the rest;before the jewellery, the accessories, the canvases..
So now you can probably guess how happy I feel at the very thought of starting this again!
We'll soon put for sale the rest of our stock and on the top of this two new designs are being finished these days, so.. stay tuned!!We also asked our customers if they'd like to send a pic of them with our T-shirt..what's beteer than a real-life model, someone who's actually bought( or won, as we ran a competition too!) the garment?
So here you go with one of them, the guy who took PetiteChacal to NZ.. Thanks Mat, you're a star!!
Come back soon to see the rest.. :)

Mathieu Deshors, NZ

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Weekend with friends

Last weekend I had some time off from crafting and I must say that, if one one hand I missed sitting quietly at home among my beads and chains, on the other hand I really enjoyed just hanging around with friends, care-free.
In all honesty, Saturday it was a half-day off..I met up with my two girlfriends and we had a photo-shoot with my T-shirts and my necklaces...It was so much fun!!!!!!!We also had a BBQ, and we celebrated my birthday,wich had been last week.On Sunday we went to meet a friend who was passing by London for a day or so, and we had a walk along the Regent Canal from the East London side.It was nice.
I haven't listed much lately in my shop, except this pearls and quartz set. I'll list other items soon, but I'm just adjusting my focus on what I want to create,lately. I have ideas, but it takes time to find the supplies you want and to "translate" your ideas into something, sometimes..maybe I'm being too perfectionist, but I'm awaiting for the "perfect moment"and the "perfect idea",sometimes..Anyway,here you go: my friends and my last addition to the shop.. enjoy!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spring bracelet

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Hi everybody,
hope you all had a great time over Easter!
I've had a lovely weekend, I could finally make time for everything..I had a couple of long walks with my boyfriend..I did some clear-out of my old stuff/supplies etc.. I started to renew (slooowlyy!)my website, as I really want it different..I cooked a bit...and I made some jewellery, of course!Yeay!
Let me introduce you my last colourful, girly, romantic bracelet!! I love it!
As I wrote last time I need colours and gentle shapes, probably to cheer me up from this endless winter..So I went all girly this last weekend..Beside this cutie, made out of ceramic and glass beads, I made a long necklace and a precious set (bracelet + earrings) stay tuned, as I'm going to pull out more pics very soon!!!