Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spring bracelet

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Hi everybody,
hope you all had a great time over Easter!
I've had a lovely weekend, I could finally make time for everything..I had a couple of long walks with my boyfriend..I did some clear-out of my old stuff/supplies etc.. I started to renew (slooowlyy!)my website, as I really want it different..I cooked a bit...and I made some jewellery, of course!Yeay!
Let me introduce you my last colourful, girly, romantic bracelet!! I love it!
As I wrote last time I need colours and gentle shapes, probably to cheer me up from this endless winter..So I went all girly this last weekend..Beside this cutie, made out of ceramic and glass beads, I made a long necklace and a precious set (bracelet + earrings) stay tuned, as I'm going to pull out more pics very soon!!!


  1. pretty

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  2. Hi Laura,
    thanks! I'm now a follower of your blog, it's very nice!Off to have a better look,

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