Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My last necklace! I so love pearls!!!!And chains, of course...these are beautiful Swarovski pearls in three different hues, and I think they are just show-stoppers! The chain is plenty of sparkle and the triumph of pearls at the bottom just makes it look stunning! I may do another one with brass or gunmetal and white pearls..I love contrast!have a great day!
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Friday, 14 May 2010


This morning I woke up and had a great news, the sort of things that give you a gooood start of the day.. I sold my first ring in New York!!!!!!!
Yey!!!! I'm so thrilled! I sent 10 rings to this newly opened shop, STOOPHER & BOOTS, the brainchild of the lovely Stephanie Goldstein. Well.. not even 10 days and I've got my first sale!!Stephanie, thanks so much!!!
It's really awsome to think that someone at the other end of the world, who doesn't even know you, can have something you'd made out of love and passion...Awsome,really. I can't get used to this beautifully funny feeling!!So.. If you happen to be in NYC, why not popping- in and have a look? The shop is in 385 Amsterdam Ave NYC, and it is packed with lovely handmade goodies..for babies/kids..and for the grown-ups!!
Stephanies makes these amazing T-shirts, onesies, etc..absolutely adorable!!And what about the super-cute trainers for little "street-styled princesses", encrusted with strass,swarovski &co.?Aaawww..I want them!!Have a look, she's running a shop on Big can also visit her FB page!!
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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Pearls!!!! Bettina Necklace


This is my last necklace, just finished it today. It is a custom order, a friend of mine wanted a long, double-stranded pearls necklace with a celebrity-style look. Here it is, inspired by a famous necklace that drove most girls crazy..!!
I added an ethnic touch (eehh..that's me!!)and would you say nowadays.."whimsical" charms, the dragonfly and the key. I named this necklace after my friend, Bettina. I hope she's going to love it! I really do!And these pearls are very nice, nearly flawless and with a pretty lustre.Well.. back to work, other orders are on the way and I really have to put myself to work.
Enjoy the long weekend! :)
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