Friday, 14 January 2011

New Year, new resolutions..?

Happy New year to you all, first of all!!
I know, it's already mid January, but better later than never..:)
Aaawww..It's been a busy time, so far.The first of December my partner has come home from the hospital.He's doing well, his chest is still sore, but this is completely normal.In this last month we have been flat hunting, we found a tiny flat, we moved in, we refurbished it (well..sort of!But it was totally unfurnished!!), we did very little Xmas shopping and we ate a lot (thanks mum!)!!!It's nice to see that he's put on some weight, after the hospital.
The flat we moved in is really tiny, basically it's a studio flat, but with a separate bedroom.And..ta-da!!! There is a balcony!!!!Not too large, of course, but we can eat outside and we have room for a cabinet for our tools and things.And it is sooo sunny!
So, however small the flat, I'm very,very happy. I think of it as a new start, our new life starting to shape-up.

Here you can see one of my (two!!)favourite corners, so far: just above the shelf lovely pics hanging from pretty little wooden pegs..some candles, of course..I can't do without candles! And our first Cyclamen!!We have a second one now, that we rescued from a Brico shop, where they were letting it die.Now it is a gorgeous, proud boy, I'll show you the pics soon.
Little by little the flat will look nicer and nicer, we're off to a good start and we'll make a cosy nest out of it.I'm also thinking about resolutions, too. It is not really a "new year's resolution"-thing, rather a "new start as an occasion to change things" thing..if you know what I mean.But I won't tell you about it now. Not yet.
Instead..more pics coming up soon :)
Next post will be about crafts, promised, but I was too thrilled about our new little place!
Have a great weekend,