Sunday, 28 February 2010

Second Treasury feature!!!


Thank so much Michele's Art Jewelry!!
Aaww!What a nice surprise to find this email, it really made my day.
I'm so busy and tired these days, I haven't had time to make some pieces for my shop,I'm busy finishing an order and stocking supplies.My creativity is being affected by all this rushing around,and the time...well,time is never enough!I haven't been blogging or posting or even hanging around in forums that much,and I'm missing it!
Things like this, waking up and finding a feature just brings some fresh air!!
Besides, I was very happy to see polymer clay featured in this Treasury;I think this medium should be more considered in places like Etsy.There's a huge community of clayers out there,a fantastic and endless network of people working continuously to perfect techniques and to know and discover more and more of the nearly endless possibilities that polymer clay offers to a crafter, and generously sharing their finds and tips.It's great,really.Still,in a market place like Etsy, I mean, not specific for this medium, you rarely see it on the spotlight.
So..thanks twice, Michele! to make a cup of coffee and to finish my pieces,have a wonderful day!!

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Home and away


The first weekend of February I went home for my mum's birthday.It's been awsome spending two days with her, it really paid me back for the tireness of travelling by plane forth and back in two days.We've been cosy and cuddling each other,eating fantastic food and talking about everyday life.I miss my mum.A lot. I'm so proud of her and I really wish I could spend more time with her, doing silly things and going around together for her 1000 errands and chores,people to see,to give a hand to,and so on.When I was back home one morning I opened the door that leads to the balcony and I saw on the step this beautiful Ponsettia leaf.It was just lying on the step, covered in dew (well..maybe rain!) and it was just beautiful. So I caught the moment.Shame that I only had my mobile with me,but..better than nothing.Isn'it beautiful? I miss the time when I was good at stopping and enjoying moments like this,when something very simple just makes you stop and LOOK...Lately I'm always so busy,with my mind in a million things all the time,that I realised I don't take time anymore for what makes you feel good and refreshed.Just that little moment that takes you away from the rest of the world,only you and your thoughts and/or your sense of wonder and fulfillment for something that other probably don't even see..Do you know what I mean?That little moment in which everything is possible just because it's unlinked to reality ,I mean to real things , to what you have to do or where you have to go that day,etc.Well..Maybe I didn't explained it clearly, but I hope it makes sense for you.
Anywho..Just wanted to share a glimpse of my weekend with you.
Oh,and...the little cutie is Maya, mum's inseparable dog.I so love her!She's so proud with her toys in her mouth,and she's always sad when I leave..She's such a good girl!Miss you too Maya! :)

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Sunday, 14 February 2010

My overdue Labradorite set we go,my last creations from this cosy weekend.
I so,so love labradorite,I just can't get enough of it.I find it so beautiful,surprising,humbly elegant and fierce at the same time. I stared and stared at these large nuggets, then I just started to play with them and string them on the wire.Things came by themselves..When I received the stones I was slightly disappointed at first, as I noticed that a couple of them were a bit rough on some spots (not at the touch,only the look).Like roughly cut,or broken,somehow.But after a minute I was looking at them in the light I realised that I loved those imperfections!!!!They are so natural,and this is what I like.Natural feeling,and these nuggets have plenty of it. I wanted to combine them with sterling silver,but then I changed my mind,as I wanted to make something pretty that everybody can afford,and the sterling would have brought the price definitely up,particularly for the necklace.So..I just put some sterling accents here and there (the clasp on the bracelet,some plating and the irregular links on the necklace)..and everybody is happy!Or,at least,I hope so..I am!
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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Back from home..

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Well...after a fantastic break away from the UK I just felt I needed to do something.
I haven't been posting or creating for a while,and I miss it. you go. My first Silver Clay pendant. I have a looong way to go, I need to practice and get some good tips about this medium, but I'm happy about how this pendant came out.I like the organic feeling, the lightly scratched texture,the mix of shiny spots and the oxidised shadows and the overall feeling of something that has been worn,that had its own life before we made it "ours".It's reversible,one side with the joyful flower and one side with the writing.I'll put it in the shop this evening, let's see if it catches someone's attention?I want to make lots of them, it's going to be the new addition to my shop!!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

How to make roses from maple leaves

When I saw this lovely lady making beautiful roses with maple leaves I was simply fascinated. Do you see the beauty in something so simple and humble, in how Nature and the human patient hands can act in concert sometimes, and with so much grace? I do, and I just wanted to share this simple little treasure with you. Off soon to try it myself!!

Monday, 1 February 2010


I..stumbled upon this shop and I thought some of you (Londoners,probably) may like it.
It's just off Angel station and it looks soo appealing!The concept is not new, as the owner says:you go to the shop with your very own bag/jar/container and you do the lovely shopping without the need of wasting so much packaging materials, plastic and so on..Recycling, in other words.Re-using to contain the waste load.Very nice and also quite fashionable these days. If I manage to pop-in to the shop I'll let you know about the products. Like many things of this kind it has received many good comments (and awards) and some critiques too. If you'd like to read more:

Article with comments:

Shop's website: