Sunday, 28 February 2010

Second Treasury feature!!!


Thank so much Michele's Art Jewelry!!
Aaww!What a nice surprise to find this email, it really made my day.
I'm so busy and tired these days, I haven't had time to make some pieces for my shop,I'm busy finishing an order and stocking supplies.My creativity is being affected by all this rushing around,and the time...well,time is never enough!I haven't been blogging or posting or even hanging around in forums that much,and I'm missing it!
Things like this, waking up and finding a feature just brings some fresh air!!
Besides, I was very happy to see polymer clay featured in this Treasury;I think this medium should be more considered in places like Etsy.There's a huge community of clayers out there,a fantastic and endless network of people working continuously to perfect techniques and to know and discover more and more of the nearly endless possibilities that polymer clay offers to a crafter, and generously sharing their finds and tips.It's great,really.Still,in a market place like Etsy, I mean, not specific for this medium, you rarely see it on the spotlight.
So..thanks twice, Michele! to make a cup of coffee and to finish my pieces,have a wonderful day!!

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