Sunday, 14 February 2010

My overdue Labradorite set we go,my last creations from this cosy weekend.
I so,so love labradorite,I just can't get enough of it.I find it so beautiful,surprising,humbly elegant and fierce at the same time. I stared and stared at these large nuggets, then I just started to play with them and string them on the wire.Things came by themselves..When I received the stones I was slightly disappointed at first, as I noticed that a couple of them were a bit rough on some spots (not at the touch,only the look).Like roughly cut,or broken,somehow.But after a minute I was looking at them in the light I realised that I loved those imperfections!!!!They are so natural,and this is what I like.Natural feeling,and these nuggets have plenty of it. I wanted to combine them with sterling silver,but then I changed my mind,as I wanted to make something pretty that everybody can afford,and the sterling would have brought the price definitely up,particularly for the necklace.So..I just put some sterling accents here and there (the clasp on the bracelet,some plating and the irregular links on the necklace)..and everybody is happy!Or,at least,I hope so..I am!
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