Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Home and away


The first weekend of February I went home for my mum's birthday.It's been awsome spending two days with her, it really paid me back for the tireness of travelling by plane forth and back in two days.We've been cosy and cuddling each other,eating fantastic food and talking about everyday life.I miss my mum.A lot. I'm so proud of her and I really wish I could spend more time with her, doing silly things and going around together for her 1000 errands and chores,people to see,to give a hand to,and so on.When I was back home one morning I opened the door that leads to the balcony and I saw on the step this beautiful Ponsettia leaf.It was just lying on the step, covered in dew (well..maybe rain!) and it was just beautiful. So I caught the moment.Shame that I only had my mobile with me,but..better than nothing.Isn'it beautiful? I miss the time when I was good at stopping and enjoying moments like this,when something very simple just makes you stop and LOOK...Lately I'm always so busy,with my mind in a million things all the time,that I realised I don't take time anymore for what makes you feel good and refreshed.Just that little moment that takes you away from the rest of the world,only you and your thoughts and/or your sense of wonder and fulfillment for something that other probably don't even see..Do you know what I mean?That little moment in which everything is possible just because it's unlinked to reality ,I mean to real things , to what you have to do or where you have to go that day,etc.Well..Maybe I didn't explained it clearly, but I hope it makes sense for you.
Anywho..Just wanted to share a glimpse of my weekend with you.
Oh,and...the little cutie is Maya, mum's inseparable dog.I so love her!She's so proud with her toys in her mouth,and she's always sad when I leave..She's such a good girl!Miss you too Maya! :)

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  2. Grazie Agata!!Maya bella...:)e'troppo parure e' venuta bene davvero,volevo farla da tanto.E voglio fare piu'pezzi con la labradorite,mi piace troppo;)