Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ceramic spring..

I made this necklace yesterday, and I'm so happy with it!
I've rarely used ceramic beads, but these pods are to die for! It's different from my usual necklace,but this is exactly what I wanted to do..something different, not serious, girly, fresh..and plenty of colours!
Maybe it's this endless winter, maybe I'm just changing my taste, but I need to see colours and cheerfulness around, these days..This was my first try, but I'm planning to make more of this kind of necklace!!
Off to buy new beads, have a lovely Sunday (and a nice roast... ;))
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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Last necklace


My last clay necklace.. I just love it!!I made these beads a while ago but,as usual, I waited to make something with know when you just cherish something, and you are awaiting the.."big occasion"?..well,something like this.
I know this is not the necklace of the year,but I'm happy with it. I love the colour and I just love the way these beads have turned out. The glossy,smooth finish..the swirls,that I love so much..and the lenght ( I love long necklaces!!).
Hope you like it too.The pics don't do it justice, it's much more beautiful when you have it in your hands.
Have a great time!
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Yesterday we attended the fair in SE London. It's been drizzling all day, so the weather didn't help get people around.The fair was held in a church and there were about 40 stalls in total, spreading over 2 venues.It's been very quiet,not many people coming along and those who did just had a walk among the sales, as far as I could see.Not much, at least..
It's been fun,though!I met 2 fellow crafters from UK handmade and Etsy. The fantastic ladies behind "The Bothered owl"were there (well..only one of them,plus a nice and friendly boyfriend)with their super-cute stuff...and guess what? I made myself happy with a little.."self present"..I got one of their lovely bag,look!!
Isn'it cute??!! I just love,love,love my new bag!!And, in all honesty, I've been staring at their stall for a while, just felt like a kid in front of a stunning,rich sweets' display!Lovely things,really!Want to have a look at their shop?Here you go:

And there I also met Lisa, from Craft Outrageous, see her fan page here: .She brought over loads of cute things, and...have a wild guess,again..: I got myself a little, lovely purple flower (shame I can't transfer the pic from my mobile..), that I'll be using in one of my next necklace,so..stay tuned!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Craft Fair in London Saturday 20 March

Here we go..this coming saturday we'll be attending a craft fair in SE London, Forrest Hill area..I don't know much about this fair, except that it's been running for a while,now.
It is called the Misty Moon Craft and Art Fair and it will be held at St Hilda's Hall and the Undercroft..I like the name!We'll be bringing some jewellery, few bits of my home decor, a coule of canvases and maybe some T-shirts too.
If you are in or around London this Saturday..pop-in!!!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Busy weekend...

It was a very,very busy weekend..Lots of going around, as my boyfriend's brother was here and lots of polymer clay..and a couple of necklaces,too..this is my Leaves necklace,made of sterling silver chain,antique silver plated leaf and a gorgeous swarovski leaf pendant.
I'm really tired,but I like when I see results, and I've got some in the last couple of days. Not much, but I'm happy with it,and with the fair approaching..all is good!
I love this necklace, it was in my mind for a while and I'm happy about the way it came out..any thought?
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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Giveaway from International artist..Italy is here!

this lady is an italian artist who works with polymer clay and has a great sense of colours, to me.Her style is varied, from elegant to funky, but always with a touch of style.She's just set up a lovely,cute and colourful shop that I suggest you to visit:
At the moment she's having her first giveaway, please check her blog for info and to participate:
Don't you just love all her jewellery? I absolutely do, and I also love the cute little tags that she's stamped with her hand-carved stamps.
Off to enter the giveaway!! :)

Monday, 8 March 2010

Upcoming fair!!!!!


Yeay!In two weeks time we'll have a craft fair, so yesterday I finally dedicated some time to my polymer clay.
I've been missing working with clay, and the last weekend was fun!!
Given that we'll be so close to Easter that day I thought of making some "season"crafts..So few bunnies, a couple of bells, the dove and..freshly baked hot cross buns!!
And,just for a change, I used lots of colours, I mixed and matched fluo/vivid colours like I had never done before!
I like the results..any thought?
Have a great day!!
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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Making a blog badge to grab tutorial, from Haptree

I found this blog and this lovely,lovely lady is offering a tutorial to make your own can make it with your logo, name, just an image..whatever you want, and it's super-easy!!!!!
Beside being so cheerful and helpful on her website she's set up a craft blog that I highly recommend you :
And the best bit is... Haptree makes amazing crafts!!
I can't wait to browse both blogs properly, and I advice you to do the same, as they look full of great tips for blogging and other things, and it must be real fun! You don't need to be a crafter to be interested, if you have or just thinking to set up a blog..why not having a look?
She also have her own cute blog, check it out:
This lovely lady has a shop on Etsy (which is closed at the moment, awaiting some new stock) and a shop on Folksy.Check them out, as she has really cute things!
You'll see the cutest pouches, wristlet purses and so on; she uses quality Japanese fabric and millefiori glass beads and the outcome is really neat and graceful.
Off to have a better look ( and maybe some shopping..:)?)

Making a blog badge to grab tutorial

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Just to make it up to you..

I haven't been very active in terms of blogging lately, so I thought that another post wouldn't hurt.
Today I'm bringing to you an amazing "craft". These ladies recycle wood to make stunning horse sculptures out of it. Have a look:

What do you feel or think when you see this kind of things?Don't you feel..."fulfilled"by the possibilities that lie on our hands and most of all in our immagination?
I do..and I enjoy it sooo much!

Victorian necklace

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Here my last necklace. I love it!!
I made it last Sunday, and when I started I was thinking of making something that has personality and a touch of femininity and glamour too. I think I made it. I like the dark metal with the off-white pearls..and way the light chain gives the strong chain some grace..I must say I've been thinking of making this necklace for quite a while,now, but in my mind it was some kind of different, more classic. As I always do, I never respect even my own rules!!I can't think of any piece I've done so far that was really what I had in mind; I always change things during the making, but the results are often good to me.
Any thoughts on this? Is any of you like me, crazy and messy crafter, or are you the sort of organised and disciplined crafter who sets up a goal and sticks to it?
In a word are you rational or emotional?
I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this, come on leave a comment and let us know :)