Sunday, 21 March 2010


Yesterday we attended the fair in SE London. It's been drizzling all day, so the weather didn't help get people around.The fair was held in a church and there were about 40 stalls in total, spreading over 2 venues.It's been very quiet,not many people coming along and those who did just had a walk among the sales, as far as I could see.Not much, at least..
It's been fun,though!I met 2 fellow crafters from UK handmade and Etsy. The fantastic ladies behind "The Bothered owl"were there (well..only one of them,plus a nice and friendly boyfriend)with their super-cute stuff...and guess what? I made myself happy with a little.."self present"..I got one of their lovely bag,look!!
Isn'it cute??!! I just love,love,love my new bag!!And, in all honesty, I've been staring at their stall for a while, just felt like a kid in front of a stunning,rich sweets' display!Lovely things,really!Want to have a look at their shop?Here you go:

And there I also met Lisa, from Craft Outrageous, see her fan page here: .She brought over loads of cute things, and...have a wild guess,again..: I got myself a little, lovely purple flower (shame I can't transfer the pic from my mobile..), that I'll be using in one of my next necklace,so..stay tuned!

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