Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Victorian necklace

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Here my last necklace. I love it!!
I made it last Sunday, and when I started I was thinking of making something that has personality and a touch of femininity and glamour too. I think I made it. I like the dark metal with the off-white pearls..and way the light chain gives the strong chain some grace..I must say I've been thinking of making this necklace for quite a while,now, but in my mind it was some kind of different, more classic. As I always do, I never respect even my own rules!!I can't think of any piece I've done so far that was really what I had in mind; I always change things during the making, but the results are often good to me.
Any thoughts on this? Is any of you like me, crazy and messy crafter, or are you the sort of organised and disciplined crafter who sets up a goal and sticks to it?
In a word are you rational or emotional?
I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this, come on leave a comment and let us know :)

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