Monday, 26 April 2010

Update : T-Shirts are finally online!!!

Yeay!!! The Logo T-shirts from PetiteChacal are finally online and up for grab!!
I've just opened this new online store, still have to finish all the set-up and of course I must list more items, but I've decided to only list a handful of creations for the time a couple of T-shirts for each colour and size available (only listed 2, so far..!!But I opened only yesterday!!) and maybe a few pieces of jewellery..mmhh..still deciding.
These are the T-Shirts from our previous stock, with our Logo..two new designs are now finished, just awaited to be printed, so..stay tunes for more news to come soon!!
I can anticipate that..mmhh..shall I..?Well, ok ,the only thing I'm going to tell you for now is that the new T-shirts will be very young and they'll come out in very small runs, about maybe 10 for each designs..
For now check out Logo Tees out:



  1. Oh, how fun!
    I didn't realize you started selling t-shirts :)

  2. Yes!! Well.. just started..but this "old story"..needs a revamp now!!:)