Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Weekend with friends

Last weekend I had some time off from crafting and I must say that, if one one hand I missed sitting quietly at home among my beads and chains, on the other hand I really enjoyed just hanging around with friends, care-free.
In all honesty, Saturday it was a half-day off..I met up with my two girlfriends and we had a photo-shoot with my T-shirts and my necklaces...It was so much fun!!!!!!!We also had a BBQ, and we celebrated my birthday,wich had been last week.On Sunday we went to meet a friend who was passing by London for a day or so, and we had a walk along the Regent Canal from the East London side.It was nice.
I haven't listed much lately in my shop, except this pearls and quartz set. I'll list other items soon, but I'm just adjusting my focus on what I want to create,lately. I have ideas, but it takes time to find the supplies you want and to "translate" your ideas into something, sometimes..maybe I'm being too perfectionist, but I'm awaiting for the "perfect moment"and the "perfect idea",sometimes..Anyway,here you go: my friends and my last addition to the shop.. enjoy!

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