Thursday, 8 July 2010

Pandora bracelets




..Today's bracelets..simple, fast, easy..absolutely wearable..and cute! Two Pandora-style bracelet in shades of pink/mauve and blue/aqua..refreshing!!
You see the thing.. I love to make things with my hands..I mean, really make them.Working with silver paste, with polymer clay, or wrapping wires and studying the design..these bracelets are just strung beads.Yes, you get to choose the colours, matches, get to choose the style, in one word. But I always thought (and I still think it, somehow) that they don't give you back a great deal of satisfaction...unless you make the beads, of course, which I did, but ..I'm kind of changing my mind lately. I like this simple style, and also the possibilities are not that little.Maybe I'm just tired and I make myself happy with smaller things, but..I appreciate this style a bit more.

Maybe I'm just starting to understand that I can't do everything.. ;)
What kind of craft/technique makes you feeling satisfied the most?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
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