Friday, 19 November 2010

Fall in Rome

Hi there!
Hope everybody is well :)
As you can see I changed the location on my blog's now Rome and not London anymore.It feels a bit strange, but..hey, that's life,and changes are just part of it! There has been a lot going on lately.I lived at my mum's for a while, started a new job, drove a car again (!)..but most importantly I have my partner here, now.Permanently.And I can tell you that this feels weird!He's been here with me before, of course, but it's just funny to plan a life together here!It's not for few days, this time..we're trying to settle down, it's real life!it's job hunting, it's food-shopping, it's....real. And I love it, and hope he does too.Just so you understand..I never had to find a room to live in, here.I had my room,I actually had a flat,once! I don't have a clue about how things work in job hunting,supermarkets (which one is good, or expensive,etc..).I know I lived here before, but it was a different life, at home with mum and dad.Anyway..
We're having a couple of rough weeks now; my partner is at the hospital, he had an emergency operation and he's now awaiting the doctors to decide whether he's got to stay a bit longer at the hospital, to have another operation, or to go home.
It must be really a dreadful moment for him..he had just arrived, he was looking for a job and suddenly..he's in the hospital,in a foreigner country, all alone all day with nobody who speaks his language. And in pain. I really hope we'll pass through this quickly.
For who's in or around Rome I've got a great news: I'll be at the Piazza verdi Market on Sunday 28 November!!! It would be good to see you there ! I'm making some new lines of jewellery, mainly leather and pearls, in addition to my chain jewellery, of course.
Well.. I guess it's all for today.
I wish you all a great week end,
love xxx

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