Saturday, 30 January 2010

Baby Asian Elephant in Tall Grass

Baby Asian Elephant in Tall Grass

Hii!!!!!How cute???I'll see one live one day :) (I mean,not in a zoo!)
I have this thing for Africa (I know this is an asian puppy,but elephants just remind me straight of Africa)..don't know, I've never been there,but I've always thought that it's one of the very important things I want to see/do before I die.
Other places I want to see before "the big day":Patagonia and Antarctica.
For Antarctica it's been the same as for Africa.I've always known that one day I'll be there,even just for a day.It's like something you feel you have to do and you don't even know why..funny,isn't it?I think it's a kind of call..ever had this feeling, like something is just somewhere waiting for you?I do.I do feel things and it just kills me to know that I might not do/see/try/live them. When I think about this,I mean the fact that you feel bound so strongly to do something without a reason I start wondering whether we're really living only one of all the possible lives,and that maybe we've really been somewhere before,or been something.
I really don't know, I'm still trying to understand the things that really make sense for me, and what are the things I really believe in.
I believe in life,this is something I'm sure about.For the rest ..
I'm not awaiting anybody to come up one day and tell me the secrets of life,the origins of sin,the sense of our living.I try hard to find all of this everyday by myself,though.I think this is actually the main sense of our living, as far as we walk on this Earth. Beside the reasons that each and every one of us can find, of course.Never been a woman with all the answers in her pocket, and I'm just learning to live with it.At my best.I don't know what happens next,don't know if there is another life,another chance,another perspective.If there is, and I've been mistaking all my life about it,well..even better.I'd be glad.For now I just deal with what I have here and now, and it's complicated enough sometimes.. ;)I'd love to hear some opinions on this.
Well..going back to this lovely puppy..I wish all the best to this cutie!

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