Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hello, bonjour,ciao!!

Aaaww...!! I made it!!My blog,my very own blog,and my first post..I'm so thrilled! name is Arianna, just so you know.I've just finished to stare at the blog settings window,in total trance,awaiting an epiphany about what the name of this blog should be. I know what you're probably thinking...a bit poor for being the brainchild of a long expected epiphany!But I've come to the conclusion that a blog is a diary,and what do you write in your diary if not what comes in and out of your life everyday?
But you don't get the whole picture usually,so..just fragments.Voila,this is it.
So..I'll throw in my thoughts about things and people everytime I'll get the chance to do so.You'll also see my and other people's creations,of course.
Oh and..bear with me if sometimes you'll see some funny word or expression..I'm not a native english speaker,so bear with me and have fun with my mistakes!! :)
Hope you'll like it here,have a nice saturday!

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