Sunday, 20 June 2010

Long time...

I know,I know, it's been a long time..can't make time for lots of things,these days.I've got so much going on lately, my head is about to blow..I'm planning a lot, which is not like me, I'm trying to understand what the next step should be like and..I'm keeping up with some lovely custom orders;All of this just on the top of my everyday life and full time job.I'm not complaining, but I'm feeling the strain,I want more time to create and to look after my site,my blog,my bear with me, I just love this too much..:)
Anyway, I've made a few things lately, but couldn't even post them, it was too much rushing around.
These three pieces are from this last weekend. I want fun, I'm longing for colours and freshness, for light-hearted things, for joy and romance, for everything that can hit our senses in a positive way.Hard,with some grace, or just joyful, playful and careless.
Here you go, colourful wood and Zchech glass pearls, enjoy it!
xx petitechacal
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