Friday, 25 June 2010

Fragments from petite chacal

This is what I see from one of my windows..I took this photo a while ago, I was simply stunned at the unlikely mix of colours and shadows and the sharp "golden" strike that stands out from the dark.
You see, I sit at this very same window nearly everynight, when I go home after work.
I pour myself a glass of wine, I lit up a cigarette and I sit quietly on the floor, looking out from the window.
I love it.It's a tiny "me time".One of the few I allow myself to indulge in (the other one is my candle-light bath!!). It's my time to think, to let immagination have its say into the rest of my very normal life.I love to look at other people's windows, and lives..and wonder if they are happy, if they're having a good time, if they are in love..if they are here to stay or are just passers by,as it often happens in London..It's just simple and simply irresistible for me: you look at someone's window and you can see a life! all honesty I don't get to see much my neighbours, most of the times I just stare at the windows, or at the street,or at some detail that cought my attention.. :)It's still nice and relaxing, though..
So, just for a change, I'm not talking about my jewellery, instead about some fragments of life!;)
And you guys? What's your favourite "me time" moment..?

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